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Monday, December 21st, 2009
6:17 pm - Question time.
Hello friends! I miss all of you. *insert promise to update soon here that may or may not come to pass and probably won't because it never seems to but damn if I don't meant to/am hopeful to every time I promise this!*

In lieu of an update, which actually is highly likely to be forthcoming, since I do not see a good portion of you on a regular basis the way that I used to, and since I still rarely see the rest of you - I have a question for my old Emerson peeps.

The son of one of my dad's coworkers is "basically in love" with Emerson, and is wondering "what kind of script I should send into them with my application. It has to be about five pages and I don't know what exactly what to write." (I'm so scandalous to quote from his private email to me, I know.) But do any of you have any suggestions as to what he could send in? I sent in a piece from the genre fiction I was working on at the time, so I doubt I will be much help to him, plus I only did that as the optional bonus to a bunch of other materials I was required to send, and not as a requirement itself. I'm also not sure if he's going for screenwriting or just film production, I should ask that. Basically all I know on that front is he "love[s] making and writing films and the truth is, it's the only thing [he] want[s] to do with [his] life." So if you can remember back to the scripts (or the like) that you sent in while you were still an Emerson hopeful, can you comment back to me on what you wrote about? That would be awesome, thanks.

<3 you. Yes, you!


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Wednesday, August 5th, 2009
10:00 pm - Reporting live from New Mexico...
Hi guys!

I know I haven't updated in forever, and I'm not sure when that will change, buuuuuut you WILL find some of my life's happenings for sure over at my and Daan's roadtrip blog: dmerta2009.wordpress.com. Did I mention I'm on a road trip? Well, if I haven't, I'm on a road trip! And now you know :P I left Massachusetts Sunday to drive with Daan (and all his worldly possessions) to LA, where he's going to law school in the fall. Daan set up a blog for us to record our adventures along the way, and he's been doing an excellent job of updating daily with entries and pictures since we've set out. I, on the other hand, have been doing an excellent job of passing out like a huge lame-o pretty much as soon as we settle into our hotels/ other residences of a crashing nature for the night, and so none of my writing is in there yet. But, I'm in the pictures, and I have been there for everything, and Daan is not spinning fanciful fabricated yarns so, does it really matter if it's me or him recanting our tales of wonder? I know I know, I have a wonderful voice and use of figurative language, I so should be giving my point of view of things on there more :P Maybe tonight dear, maybe tonight, we'll see. BUT IN ANY CASE. There are pictures and updates over on the blog, so if you're interested for any reason, go check them out! And leave us comments! Our moms do :P

Man it's been a while since I've updated a blog. This entry is ridic. Going now, promise!

Hope all is well with you kids. Miss you. :)

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Wednesday, September 3rd, 2008
So, I'm at school. Because I have no internet at my apartment, due to Comcast being dumb and flighty and giving me the run around when I tried to correct their dumb and flighty. Thus I am just posting a note to the outside world that I am not dead or depressed if you hear nothing from me until the damn 10th - I'm just screwed over.

That aside however, my new apartment is AWESOME. Granted, it'll look better once we're settled, but even just now, I love it. And my room. Again, when it's more settled, it'll be more awesome, but for now, love it.

Um, I'll update more when I have more time/motivation (no really, I swear) but for now I'd just like to go (I feel so awkward posting on lj in public) and maybe drop by my old apartment to see if they'll give me back my windsock and magnet that I accidentally left there >.>

But, yes, on the whole, I'm really good, just going to have some cranky in my pants for a while with the whole direct aftermath of moving. Thinking of and missing you all though, and feel free to call me if you want to get a hold of me. And by that I mean, if you're free, please call me! Especially if I haven't heard from you in a while! I would welcome the additional company.

I will probably have internet access every couple of days or so (really, it all depends on how often I feel like dragging myself over to school to do so), as I need to check up on where my classes are and just to make sure I'm not missing any important emails, etc. But otherwise, I will be pretty scarce until (hopefully) the 10th.

So much for a quick note, but what else do you expect from me, right?


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Wednesday, June 11th, 2008
11:29 pm - Pardon the spam, stolen from friends, totally fun and addictive
Behold... My Future
I will marry Kristopher Turner.
After a wild honeymoon, We will settle down in France in our fabulous Shack.
We will have 5 kid(s) together.
Our family will zoom around in a Blue Chevy Malibu.
I will spend my days as a Musician, and live happily ever after.
whats your future

Sounds good to me! Minus the whole shack thing >.> Oh well, if it's me and Kristopher Turner cramped in it, and it's in France, it should be fine. And while yes, we would have 5 kids cramped in there with us, they would be OUR kids, whose DNA is just a formula for awesome if you ask me. Also, I would demand that said shack be referred to as a shanty. Stick a Le (is shack masculin ou feminin?) in front of it and say it with the accent and it would sound just as nice as anything else. Le Shanty. Class.

Other fun results include me and Daniel Radcliffe moving to an apartment in New Zealand with our 1 child, zooming around in our fuschia Toyota Camry (HOT) and me being a professional driver; And Gaspard Ulliel and I moving to Ireland, where we'll live in an apartment with 7 kids (yeah, I would totally have seven kids with/for Gaspard Ulliel. And we'd be in Ireland so we'd fit right in), drive a blue Toyota Camry (yes, again. I know nothing of cars, and that was the first one I ever had, so it had to go in the choices) and I'd be a novelist. Win.

Maybe I'll make an actual update soon. I really should. Considering my last update was in December >.> Clearly I'm the best lj-er ever.

'til then...


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Wednesday, December 19th, 2007
12:34 am - And now, a list of items:
Item #1 - Finals. They are done. I rejoice.

Item #2 - My friend Tiphaine (who I met all those years ago through the PCC French exchange and have visited twice since) is here for Christmas! Hurray!

Item #3 - Two words: Motherfucking. Ice.

Item #4 - Je pense que j'ai mal au bras.

Item #5 - I'm going to New York in five hours! Yay! Tiphaine wanted to visit and was kind enough to wait for me to finish with school so I could go with her too. We're crashing with the gracious Daan, and will be there 'til Saturday. Tiphaine has quite the itinerary laid out for herself. My only plans that I know of are hanging with Daan, seeing the giant Christmas tree over at Rockefeller, and going on punkright over to the Joe Strummer memorial mural on 7th street on Avenue A. Normally it's awesome and meaningful as is, but it will be even more meaningful on Saturday, (which is when I hope to go) as that will be the 5th anniversary of his death ;_;. Otherwise, it's all fair game. So long as I don't have to write another paper or book time for a Steenbeck, I will do pretty much anything that is within legal restrictions. With possibly a few exceptions, situation depending >.> :P

Item #6 - Hi guys. I miss you all. I will be doing a for real life update some time this weekend, but for now, I need sleep. I'm going off of only two hours from Monday night to Tuesday morning. :X

Item #7 - I'm going to bed now!


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Saturday, November 10th, 2007
11:57 pm - Oh what, you want a legit entry?
Fair enough says I.

It's been like what? I don't even know? Yeah about that long.

Click this bastardCollapse )


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11:39 pm - If you've never heard more than "Closing Time" you are depriving yourself of joy...
Feeling Strangely Fine by Semisonic is a great album. Just thought you should know.

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Monday, October 29th, 2007
12:33 am - Oh you know what the subject is...

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Thursday, October 25th, 2007
12:11 am - Today, I was stalked by a collection agency and fell down some stairs...
As you can see, it was a very productive day.

More on those stories and a longer update at a later time, as, I was going to update tonight, but then got distracted, and now it's time for bed. But I'd already started the title line and it was so snazzy I figured, may as well go through with it.


Yes I do take that much joy in my snappy title lines. No I will not admit to being ashamed of that.


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Monday, August 27th, 2007
1:01 pm - You know you're excited too...
Yay! It's my birthday! I'm 20!

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Thursday, August 23rd, 2007
1:48 am - Today, I was bit by a dog.
Well, I guess now it was technically yesterday.

Just making a note for posterity.

What? You want a story? There's not much of a story to it really, but I'll tell you what happened anyway. I suppose I kind of owe you something interesting considering I've been pretty dead on this thing all summer.

Fuck you too, Puddles: That One Time Where Meg Got Bit By That DogCollapse )

There should be a real update coming soon, I swear. Especially with my birthday coming up, there's bound to be some sort of "fun" (for your sake, I use the term loosely) self-reflection of some sort. At the very least a recap of my summer, which I'm sure you will actually enjoy. I did actually do a couple other things than work that are worth mentioning, so, yeah, look forward to that.

Right-o, I'm done lj-ing now. Bye friends.


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Monday, May 14th, 2007
6:03 pm - The Meg News
Hey guys, how've ya been? I figure entering into my third week of being back home I should probably make an update. So here goes, organized for your convenience and cut for your sanity:

TravelCollapse )

FilmCollapse )

MusicCollapse )

RealtyCollapse )

ClassifiedsCollapse )

PersonalsCollapse )


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Friday, April 27th, 2007
12:26 pm - Qouteth the lyrics of Charlatans UK:

Good song, good song.

Anyways, reporting to you live from Gatwick Airport Gate 31 (just down the hall from my gate, 33). I've got about 25 minutes before my plane boards, and then it's off to Detroit to make my connection to come back to Boston :)))))))))

Just thought I'd share. A lot of you already know all this. But there are some who don't (I think), so there we are.

Uhm. Yeah. I'm just excited to be coming back and wanted to make a note of my last day in Europe (even though I guess yesterday technically was, since today is mostly a travel day and I'll be spending the big chunk of it literally overseas). Buuut, whatever.

See you all soon! Or at least I'll be able to talk to you all son. :)


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Wednesday, January 24th, 2007
9:33 pm - Hey dudes.
If you haven't added theroamingmeg yet, I would do so. There's actual adventures over there. >.>

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Friday, January 19th, 2007
1:21 am - Last night Stateside....
just thought I'd make a note of that. ;_;

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Tuesday, January 16th, 2007
10:30 pm - I'll get to the memes eventually, I swear
In the mean time, just wanted to drop a line mentioning that I too, now have a journal specifically for documenting my travel adventures. I'm not as cool as Faith however, and it's simply another livejournal account. So if YOU would like an all access pass to living vicariously through my tales of Europe, add theroamingmeg.

That's about all for now. My mom and I saw The Queen on Monday and I loved it, and today I picked up Faith from the aeroport and we watched some tv, ran some errands and proceeded to be dead tired. She also gave me my scarf she'd promised to knit and I'm totally crushing. ...On the scarf. Not Faith. As much as I love my common law wife. The scarf looks like a Timothy, so it will probably be named thus. "Timmy" for short, which I will refuse to see as weird even if that's my little cousin's name. >.>

Ooooookay, time to get off this thing and finish up someone's birthday presents. Or go to bed. One of the two.

Last hurrah at Emerson tomorrow! ^_^


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Sunday, January 14th, 2007
7:29 pm - HI! I'M BORED!
/still too lazy to do a real update/promised I'd post this so uh, here I am. Posting.

as stolen from bookish_beth


1. I'll respond with something random I like about you.
2. I'll tell you what song/movie reminds me of you.
3. I'll name something we should do together.
4. I'll say something that only makes sense to you and me (or just me).
5. I'll tell you my first/clearest memory of you.
6. I'll leave you a quote that is somehow appropriate to you.
7. I'll ask you something that I've always wondered about you.
8. If I do this for you, you must post this on your journal. You MUST.

Except as we all know, that the must is totally optional.:P

I'm not even gonna say when I guesstimate an actual post, because I have resolved myself to the fact that I am a guerilla poster. I POST UNEXPECTEDLY!!! and then slink back into the night....or day, whichever it is. So yeah. One of these days....

Hope all is well :)


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Sunday, December 31st, 2006
3:27 pm - Obligatory New Year's Post!! (complete with party-worthy icon)
Happy New Year's Eve/New Year's to all!!!

or if you like, as I do,

Ath Bhlain faoi mhaise duit!!!

(Yeah. I pretty much do have Gaelic for everything. Especially if your pants are on fire. It's kind of obnoxious I'm sure. I will always, however, have to cede the utlimate Gaelic crown to Karen. I'm merely piddling around in the language, especially compared to her :P)

Have tons of fun tonight everyone! Puh-leaaaaaaaaaaase be safe. I'd rather not go into 2007 without any of you. :)


P.S. Leah? I'm sending good vibes to YOUR FACE. I hope the teeth lay off a little tonight so you can celebrate at least a teensy bit. :( *hugs*

*good vibes**good vibes**good vibes**good vibes**good vibes**good vibes**good vibes**good vibes*

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Monday, December 25th, 2006
1:18 pm - Obligatory Christmas Post!!!!

and, in obligatory MEG Christmas post fashion:

Nollag shona duit!

Holiday wishes also of course extended to revelers of Channukah, Solstice, Yule, that odd duck (I say odd because you, as my friend, totally flew under my radar for celebrating the following holiday, not that your holiday is odd) who gives 7 cheers for Kwanzaa, and any other celebration I'm too much of an uncultured swine to know about. (This of course just means you get to call me on my cultural uncouthness and educate me some, so we all get something out of it least :) )

I hope everyone will be engaging in some grand festivities today, if they haven't been/haven't already, and that Santa has been the jolliest of fat men for those of you he visited.

Best wishes to all your families and friends. :)

Síochán, grá, ceol 's craic!
(Peace, love, music and fun!)



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Tuesday, December 19th, 2006
12:40 pm - Finals, you have been pwned.

Well, I have to turn in my script for Concept Development at 4 and THEN I'm done. But that srsly requires like, typing up a title page, printing it off and basic hand-eye coordination for the actual handing in.

The good thing about my finals this semester (other than the fact that they are DONE) was that they weren't stretched out over like, an entire week for me to have to agonize over for said week, as was the case with many a friend of mine. The bad thing about my finals this semester, WAS THAT THEY WEREN'T STRETCHED OUT OVER A WEEK. Instead, they were all crammed up into the last two days, so basically I've been working/studying more or less non-stop (with the exception of breaks for basic necessities and occasional attempts to regain sanity) since, like, noon on Sunday. Right now I'm working off about a half hour sleep. And don't plan to take a nap as I have to pack my stuff and move out tonight (although I won't be back in E.B. until late afternoon tomorrow). Good times.

No, but really, it is more or less good times. Tonight I'm going to the screening of a movie I worked on in November (and by in, I mean like, FOR November. Three full weekends of shoots, yeesh. More on that later obviously, since unless you go to Emerson, this is probably the first you've heard of it) called the Adventures of CMYK. It's an action kids movie, was really fun and cool to work on, but kind of rampant with drama post-production. It's only going to be a rough cut, but believe me, with all the crap I heard about happening after we wrapped, it's more or less a small miracle the rough cut is even done. And I don't even care anyway, so long as I get to finally see what all those lighting set-ups I helped rig look like and just how awesome I can operate "sliding" doors. And I get to drag my family, because they're coming up to move me out, so I can finally be like "See, I do invite you to stuff at Emerson. Now sit here and indulge me." Ryan owes me for about 5984598395398 concerts of his I've been to while he was in college.

And then after the screening is the last hurrah with my remaining Emersonians, which will be simultaneously grand and sad. Grand because hello, they're my Emersonians, but sad because, aside from Faith I won't see them for pretty much half a year. I leave for the Castle (yeah, I know right?) next semester and then it's summer break. :( It's also my last night living on Wellness, in the LB, ever, and living downtown. Come fall semester next year Leigh, Faith and possibly Brendan, (if they're silly and don't give him an RA position) will be living in an apartment hoepfully somewhere in the Cambridge neck of the woods. So lots of last things to hurrah about. But it'll still be a heck of hurrah.

Bah, I'm tired as hell and in need of food and a shower. I srsly meant to write, like, a sentence in here, announcing I'd OWNED my finals like FUCKIN' SNORLAX (<--also, if you're not at Emerson, this isn't nearly as hilarious as it should be) but I guess that's what I get for not updating in, like, what two months? Ah well. And there's more to come! Once I'm settled back home I'll probably be putting up a semester in review update. I don't know why...I could probably just tell most of you when I see you over break (and I WILL see you, I'm skipping the country, don't think you're getting away without a decent goodbye) but...I probably will. I feel compelled to.


Why the fuck am I still talking? I've got shit to do...


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